On the differentiation of digital factory, intelli

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On the differentiation of digital chemical plant, intelligent factory and intelligent manufacturing

long before the release of the strategies of industry 4.0, the concepts of digital chemical plant, intelligent factory and intelligent manufacturing have been well known in the industry. Many enterprises tend to confuse these concepts when they mention them. Can digital factories, intelligent factories and intelligent manufacturing replace each other, and are there differences between these concepts

with the development of a new round of industrial revolution, the voice of industrial transformation is rising day by day. In the face of scattered micro cracks that will constitute a wave of innovation in macro crack information technology and industrial technology after gathering and communication, the Germans put forward the industry 4.0 strategy, the Americans issued the advanced manufacturing return plan, China stepped up to promote the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization, and released the made in China 2025 strategy this year. The core of these strategies is to use emerging information technology to improve the intelligent application level of industry, so as to enhance the competitiveness of industry in the global market. Long before the release of these strategies, the concepts of digital factory, intelligent factory and intelligent manufacturing have been well known in the industry. However, it cannot be ignored that many enterprises tend to confuse these concepts when referring to them. Can digital chemical plants, intelligent factories and intelligent manufacturing replace each other, and are there differences between these concepts? This paper will analyze and discuss this problem

I. digital factory

for digital factory, the German Society of engineers defines it as: Digital Factory (DF) is a comprehensive network composed of digital models, methods and tools, including simulation and 3d/virtual. It has independent manufacturing development experience and the visualization of multiple social resources, and is integrated through continuous and uninterrupted data management. The digital factory integrates product, process and factory model databases to improve the quality of products and the quality and dynamic performance involved in the production process through advanced visualization, simulation and document management:

in China, the most accepted definition of the digital factory is that the digital factory simulates, evaluates and optimizes the whole production process in a computer virtual environment, And further expand to the new production organization mode of the whole product life cycle. It is the product of the combination of modern digital manufacturing technology and computer simulation technology. It is mainly used as a bridge between product design and product manufacturing. From the definition, we can draw a conclusion that the essence of digital factory is to realize the integration of information

II. Smart factory

smart factory is based on the digital chemical plant, using IOT technology and monitoring technology to strengthen information management services, improve the controllability of the production process, reduce manual intervention in the production line, and reasonably plan and schedule. At the same time, it will integrate emerging technologies such as preliminary intelligent means and intelligent systems, and build a humanized chemical plant that is efficient, reports the development trends of this discipline, green, environmental protection, and comfortable

intelligent factory has the independent ability to collect, analyze, judge and plan; Reasoning and prediction are carried out through the overall visual technology, and the design and manufacturing process is expanded and displayed by using simulation and multimedia technology. Each component of the system can form the best system structure by itself, which has the characteristics of coordination, reorganization and expansion. The system has the ability of self-learning and self-maintenance. Therefore, intelligent factory realizes the coordination and cooperation between human and machine, and its essence is human-computer interaction

III. intelligent manufacturing

intelligent factory is an upgraded version based on digital chemical factory, but there is still a big gap with intelligent manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing system can carry out intelligent activities in the manufacturing process, such as analysis, reasoning, judgment, conception and decision-making. Through the cooperation between people and intelligent machines, we can expand, extend and partially replace the mental work of technical experts in the manufacturing process. It extends manufacturing automation to flexibility, intelligence and high integration<3. The paper is composed of title, author and work unit, 500 Chinese (English) abstracts, keywords, text and references/p>

intelligent manufacturing system is not only an artificial intelligence system, but a man-machine integrated intelligent system, which is a hybrid intelligence. The system can independently undertake the tasks of analysis, judgment, decision-making, etc., highlight the core position of human in the manufacturing system, and give better play to human potential with the cooperation of intelligent machines. Machine intelligence and human intelligence are truly integrated and complement each other. The essence is man-machine integration

many domestic enterprises are hyping intelligent manufacturing, but the vast majority of enterprises are still in the stage of partially using application software, and a few enterprises have only achieved information integration, that is, they can reach the level of digital chemical plants; Very few enterprises can achieve effective human-computer interaction, that is, to reach the level of intelligent factory

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