On the development trend of hydropower

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Discussion on the development trend of hydropower

since the founding of new China 50 years ago, China's hydropower construction has achieved rapid development, especially since the implementation of reform and opening up, with the construction of a number of world-class hydropower stations such as Guangxu, Tianshengqiao (high dam), Xiaolangdi, Ertan, and the Three Gorges, and corresponding solutions, China has gradually entered the forefront of hydropower construction in the world. At present, China is the country with the largest hydropower construction scale and the fastest hydropower development speed in the world. We can safely say that before 2010, China will become the world's largest hydropower power

on the eve of entering the 21st century, objectively analyzing and studying the development trend of hydropower will be conducive to the healthy and rapid development of hydropower. This paper attempts to talk about some views on this issue for colleagues' reference

1. Sustainable development strategy requires Hydropower to pay more attention to immigration and ecological issues

with the continuous progress of society, the issue of sustainable development has been paid more and more attention by people. "Population, resources and environment" will become the primary topic of social development in the 21st century. The problems of water resources and water environment have become the focus of attention of scientists, people from all walks of life and government leaders all over the world. Studying the relationship among water resources, national economy and ecological environment is the premise for the further development of hydropower

the construction of hydropower stations is inseparable from watershed planning. Watershed planning should pay attention to the close connection between water resources and national economic and social development, and carry out comprehensive development and scientific management. In other words, hydropower development should be combined with flood disaster control, drought and water shortage, soil erosion and water resources protection, so as to have stronger vitality. At present, the frequent floods and waterlogging disasters in large rivers have become a major problem in China's economic development, and hydropower projects with flood control functions will be given priority

The resettlement problem of hydropower station construction has always been an important factor affecting hydropower development. With the continuous development of economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the contradiction of resettlement will become more prominent. In the future, it will be more and more difficult to build hydropower stations that require a large number of immigrants simply to obtain the benefits of power generation

The hydropower construction in the 21st century will pay more attention to the ecological environment. The impact of hydropower stations on the upstream and downstream, animals and plants, land and resources, and human living environment are all topics that need to be seriously studied. Here, we also need to emphasize the development of small hydropower. In the world, from the perspective of sustainable development, everyone has given full affirmation to small hydropower. China is the country with the fastest development of small hydropower. Many countries in the world, including developed countries, have come to China to learn experience. We should continue to support the development of small hydropower

2. Give full play to the advantages of hydropower peak shaving. Realize the optimal allocation of power resources

in terms of electric energy, compared with other power generation methods, hydropower has the advantage of good peak shaving ability. With strong peak shaving ability, it not only brings convenience to power dispatching, but also brings Good economic benefits. Similarly, some hydropower stations have small reservoir capacity, poor regulation performance and low guaranteed output, which also brings difficulties to the operation of electricity. In the future, we should pay special attention to the development of large-scale and extra large hydropower stations with years of regulation performance, especially the leading hydropower stations in river basin development. Only by giving full play to the peak shaving advantages of hydropower can we further promote the development of hydropower

according to the characteristics of the development of China's power industry, the power industry in the eastern coastal areas with rapid economic development has a considerable development scale. However, due to the lack of hydropower capacity and the shortage of peak shaving capacity, it is urgent to build a number of pumped storage hydropower stations. At the same time, at present, we should pay attention to the development trend of oil-fired generator, which benefits from the acceleration of urbanization process. We should theoretically compare and demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of hydropower generation with oil and gas-fired power generation, so as to avoid the tendency of blindly developing oil and gas engines

3. Stabilizing electricity price is an important prerequisite for the development of hydropower under the condition of market economy

under the condition of market economy, the level of power generation cost and electricity price will be the decisive factor for the speed of hydropower development. Compared with other power generation means, the cost of hydropower generation should be the lowest. Therefore, the required electricity price should be low and programmed by language; However, due to the large one-time investment in hydropower and the great debt pressure to repay bank loans, the electricity price is too high during the repayment period of bank loans after the hydropower station is put into operation, which affects the development of hydropower. Especially when the power industry implements the reform of "separation of power plants and bidding", this contradiction will become more prominent

in order to stabilize the hydropower price, we should pay attention to two things:

first, according to the spirit of "rolling development of river basin cascade", establish a river basin hydropower development company. This development company must take the old hydropower station as the starting power station for mobile development and raise capital to develop and build new power stations. The most important purpose of this is to average the debt level of new and old hydropower stations, and the development company will quote the company's electricity price at one price, so as to stabilize the hydropower price, so that hydropower will still have strong competitiveness under the conditions of market economy

second, on the basis of the work of the former Ministry of electric power industry and the Ministry of finance, continue to strive for the policy requirements of "reducing the value-added tax on Hydropower" and "extending the repayment period", stabilize the hydropower price from the policy and support the development of hydropower

4. Starting the construction of a number of large-scale hydropower projects is the need of the development of the current economic situation

at present, in order to maintain a certain speed of the development of the national economy, it is necessary to improve market demand to stimulate economic development. In the past two years, the state has invested and started to build a large number of infrastructure, and hydropower construction should become a new growth point of China's economic development. At present, we must firmly grasp this rare historical opportunity, accelerate the completion of all preparatory work before the commencement of the project, and strive to start a number of new hydropower construction projects

in order to more effectively stimulate China's economic development, water conservancy and hydropower projects will basically no longer use foreign capital, especially civil engineering projects will not engage in international bidding procurement, and domestic equipment should also be used as much as possible. For mechanical and electrical equipment that cannot be produced in China at present, we should strengthen the introduction of technology, and be determined to introduce technology while importing mechanical and electrical equipment, so as to speed up the localization process of mechanical and electrical products. In order to further expand the international market, we should select several teams, supplement capital, and strengthen the enterprise

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