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Small furniture factory to high-quality development transformation

in recent years, Cengang street furniture factory has complied with the development and changes of the times, actively transformed and upgraded, and greatly improved production efficiency by using "machine replacement", so as to ensure the health of consumers and create a new competitive advantage of green environmental protection

including various accessories of the experimental machine. Walking into Zhoushan Yimuyuan cabinet Decoration Co., Ltd. located in the Siqian community of Cengang street, I smelled a faint fragrance of wood. Two automatic engraving machines were operating in a tense and orderly manner, and soon noble patterns appeared. "Now 'machine replacement' is the general trend. Our company has also tried it in recent years, and the effect is still very satisfactory." Zhoushan, Europe and the United States and emerging countries are economically unstable. Heweiping, general manager of Yimuyuan cabinet Decoration Co., Ltd., pointed to the machine and told

it is understood that Zhoushan Yimuyuan cabinet Decoration Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, with a construction area of 3000 square meters. Like traditional furniture factories, the production of furniture in the past depended on the hands of craftsmen. The teachers were experienced and skilled. It was difficult to find people with high salaries, and the efficiency was not high. Therefore, the company once had a situation that the production volume could not catch up with the order volume. In 2015, he Weiping participated in a furniture industry exchange across the country. His peers' advanced management concepts and standardized risk control processes opened his eyes, so he decided to transform and upgrade the enterprise, invested 1million yuan, and purchased two automatic engraving and measurement machines with local values, completely replacing manual engraving

"I also calculated an account at the beginning: the annual salary of a craftsman is about 100000 yuan, 10 craftsman masters need to pay about 1million yuan, and the price of an automatic engraving machine is about 500000 yuan. In fact, the total cost is about the same." According to he Weiping, it takes 6 hours for the craftsman to complete the same workload, and only 1 hour for the machine. "Machine replacement" not only improves the work efficiency by more than 80%, but also produces better furniture quality

in addition, in order to meet people's continuous pursuit of green and environmentally friendly quality of life, the enterprise takes paint as the cutting edge, and replaces the previous PU paint with safe and environmentally friendly wood wax oil in the waxing process, which not only has no pungent smell, but also can maintain the openness and permeability of wood pores, and can clearly reveal the lines of wood

nowadays, the high-quality environmental protection furniture products produced by this enterprise are favored by consumers. The enterprise will also cooperate with major local buildings to carry out fine decoration business. It is expected that the output value will exceed 10 million yuan. We also found a considerable number of counterfeit products in Yuyao local plastic market

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