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Overview of several new body painting processes in China painting materials, painting processes, painting equipment and painting management are the four major elements of automotive painting, which complement each other and promote the progress and development of painting processes and technologies. The 21st century is called the new century facing the environment. Environmental protection has attracted worldwide attention and has become the most urgent research topic for mankind. The coating of automobile and its parts is one of the most energy consuming and three wastes produced in the process of automobile manufacturing. Therefore, reducing painting pollution, reducing painting cost and improving painting quality have always been the theme of painting technology development

in recent ten years, the progress of coating process and equipment is mainly reflected in the application of environmental friendly coating materials, reducing the discharge of wastewater and waste residue, reducing costs, optimizing the automobile production process and other aspects of its collet attachments. Due to the progress of coating materials, the design of body coating system has also made revolutionary progress. Several typical new coating systems and new technologies have been or will be used in industrial production. The current coating process and equipment in China are generally equivalent to the level of Europe and the United States 10 years ago. Some enterprises have adopted some new equipment of today's international advanced level in the new coating line. Several new car body painting processes

reverse process process: spray powder coating on the exterior surface of the car body, and then conduct electrophoretic coating after hot melting, and then dry the powder/electrophoretic coating together. By using this process, the amount of electrophoretic coating can be reduced by about 60%, and the thickness is 70 μ M powder coating replaces the electrophoretic primer and intermediate coating on the exterior surface of the vehicle body, canceling the intermediate coating and drying processes, so as to save material and energy costs and reduce VOC emissions

secondary electrophoresis process: two coating electrophoresis materials are used, and the second layer of electrophoresis (35 ~ 40 μ m) Substitute intermediate coat. Electrophoresis process automation has high stability and reliability, high one-time qualification rate, high material utilization rate and low equipment investment (no air conditioning system is required), so it can save 48% of the cost and reduce the maintenance frequency and the paint slag and VOC emission of traditional undifferentiated coating under normal temperature

integrated coating process (three coating concept): the functional layer with the same color as the top coat (15 μ m) Instead of intermediate coating, there is no need to dry between the functional layer and the bottom color of the top coating, and the intermediate coating line is cancelled, which greatly reduces the VOC emission while improving the production efficiency

film coating technology replaces plastic coating. The progress of plastic granulator technology is closely related to the development of the whole national economy. The film technology is to prefabricate a kind of top coat film suitable for hot forming. The performance and appearance of the top coat of the hot formed product are very similar to the traditional baking spraying film. This technology is mainly used in the production of plastic parts. The prefabricated composite coating is formed and fused with the plastic parts at the same time of the plastic parts casting and forming by using the "clamping molding" or "internal molding" process to obtain a defect free coating cover. The car body framework is manufactured by the traditional stamping and welding process. The painting workshop only paints the car body framework, and the finishing coat adopts the powder spraying technology. Due to the small exposed area of the body frame, the color of the finishing coat need not be the same as that of the covering parts, and one kind of depth and one kind of light can be used. Large area covering parts are plastic parts made by film application technology, with thousands of colors. This greatly simplifies the body coating process. While reducing the coating cost, the VOC emission of coating reaches about 7g/m2, which is far lower than the requirements of European emission regulations

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