Overview of the current situation of materials for

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Overview of current situation of materials for drug blister packaging

aluminum foil for drug blister packaging: "PTP" aluminum foil surface is composed of protective layer/printing layer/aluminum foil layer/printing layer/adhesive layer, and the most basic components must include protective layer, aluminum foil layer and adhesive layer. Covering materials for blisters: more than 2100 students attended lectures. The materials are basically aluminum foil. The production of aluminum foil can be completed only through the joint operation of aluminum foil printing machine, coating machine, Slitter, packaging machine and other equipment

the aluminum foil processed in the pharmaceutical packaging material industry is customarily called "raw aluminum foil" or "raw foil". The raw foil is made of electrolytic aluminum with a purity of more than 99% by calendering. Aluminum has the advantages of rich resources, low price and easy processing. When used as drug packaging materials, aluminum foil is the only metal material in the packaging materials. Aluminum foil is non-toxic, tasteless, has excellent conductivity and shading, has extremely high moisture resistance, gas resistance and flavor retention, and can most effectively protect the packaged drugs and drugs in universities and related enterprises. It is a packaging material that has not been replaced so far. It is a honeycomb 2-dimensional crystal composed of single-layer 6-angle protocell carbon atoms. No matter what kind of evaporated metal film or coated special film, it can not completely replace aluminum foil. In the temperature sensitive area of modern packaging decoration, almost all composite flexible packaging materials that need light tight or high barrier use aluminum foil as barrier layer. Because aluminum foil has the above advantages, light weight, certain strength and good printability, it can print various words or patterns on it. When it is made into blister packaging, it can be crushed with a little pressure during use. It is convenient for patients to take medicine and carry. It is widely used in the packaging of solid dosage forms of drugs and has great development potential

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