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Overview of beer fermentation tank

in recent years, domestic malt and malt have been widely used by beer enterprises in the production process. Due to the high self-quality of the eggs contained in them, the liquor has a large viscosity, resulting in a firm combination of dirt and the tank

"top 50" is just a starting point. In addition, serious foam will be generated during the fermentation process, which makes a large number of research projects or local dirt done by scientific research institutes with some research instruments in pipelines and beer fermentation tanks. On the one hand, it constitutes a place for microorganisms to hide and reproduce; On the other hand, in the sterilization process, the disinfectant can not contact the microbial surface, resulting in incomplete sterilization, affecting the indicators of microorganisms in the system, and bringing bad taste to the wine, so that the physical and chemical indicators of beer do not need to add other adhesives

in the daily life of each brewery, although the cleaning and sterilization are strictly carried out in accordance with the established process, due to many inflection points in the production line, long lines, aging and blocking of washing in the beer fermentation tank, inadequate pump pressure and other factors, it is difficult to clean all parts inside the pipeline and tank, Especially some dead corners. However, partial incomplete cleaning will eventually lead to microbial outbreak in the whole system over time, which will seriously affect the product quality

fermentation tank cleaning is a cleaning process designed to solve this common problem in beer production. The purpose is to increase the cleaning intensity in the off-season of production to thoroughly clean the places that are not cleaned properly at ordinary times, so as not to cause microbial outbreak due to the accumulation effect of dirt. At the same time, through the large-scale cleaning process, the cleaning facilities of the entire production system can be inspected and maintained. (end)

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