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In life, in addition to the use of viewing and airing, the balcony is actually more practical to build into a living balcony

in life, in addition to the use of viewing and airing, the balcony is actually more practical to build into a living balcony. Such as washing clothes, cleaning, drying clothes, etc. The area of the balcony is usually not very large, so the use of space should be reasonably arranged. So, how can we decorate the balcony with sound and color? What taboos should we pay attention to in balcony layout

1. Don't keep animals on the balcony

most of the living space of modern urban families is relatively limited, so they habitually keep some small animals on the balcony. Raising animals will inevitably produce some excreta and odor. If it is not cleaned in time, it will directly affect the mood and health of family members

2. The balcony should be as orderly as possible

although some families have balconies, the space is not well used. It is usually used to pile up some sundries, and it is not cleaned up for a long time, resulting in a messy scene on the balcony. After a long time, it is easy to breed germs, which is harmful to the health of their families. Therefore, even if you want to put some items on the balcony, you should try to be in good order and often clean and tidy up

3. Balcony should not be rebuilt at will

sometimes, in order to increase indoor space, people will choose to rebuild the balcony. The usual practice is to incorporate the space extrapolated from the balcony into the interior. Doing so will not only have certain potential safety hazards, but also destroy the original good feng shui of the house. In response to this phenomenon, the government has also stepped up its crackdown, basically demolishing it as soon as it is reported, and will also impose serious penalties

4. Balcony plants should not be at will

many owners like to plant some flowers and plants on the balcony, but the arrangement of plants on the balcony is also exquisite. It is usually suitable to place some tall, stout, leafy green plants, such as evergreen, iron tree, fortune tree, money tree, etc., which to a certain extent helps to enhance the effectiveness of home feng shui. Therefore, when choosing balcony plants, we must follow this principle, and we must not do it at will

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