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As we all know, in order to maintain normal operation, manufacturers must maintain a virtuous circulation of the capital chain. But in the door and window industry, usually when the manufacturer develops a certain plan, it will fall into a strange circle: the efficiency will be reduced, and the capital turnover will slow down, seriously affecting the normal operation of the manufacturer. Over time, more questions will be exposed. Therefore, how to ensure the continuity of the capital chain can be said to be the basis for the operation of door and window manufacturers

the dredging of the capital chain is the key to the livelihood of manufacturers

now, affected by the overall economic environment, domestic door and window manufacturers have also faced great pressure in recent years. Despite the frequent good news such as the relaxation of housing purchase restrictions and the central bank's interest rate cut this year, the competition in door and window shopping malls is becoming increasingly fierce, the profit space is also narrowing, and many small and medium-sized manufacturers are unable to make a living. Especially in today's "cash is king", the lack of funds, the rise of capital, the decline of efficiency and other questions will eventually lead to the cracking of the capital chain, and the cracking of the capital chain will inevitably lead to more small and medium-sized manufacturers' difficult operations and even bankruptcy and closure. Therefore, how to prevent financial risks, protect financial safety, and improve financial efficiency has become a question that the home occupation, such as doors and windows, attaches great importance to

door and window manufacturers need to pay attention to cash flow control

now, many door and window manufacturers are active promoters of the "expansion mode", thinking that the larger the manufacturer's plan, the more invincible it will be. And they usually ignore the financial risk control, which is the main reason for the short life of manufacturers. Among the small and medium-sized door and window manufacturers, most of them are most concerned about the prospect of the mall, investment accounting, sales policy, profit policy and personnel investment, but they do not pay enough attention to risk management and manipulation. Due to the inadequate preliminary research, the inaccurate evaluation of the mall, and even the severe unrealistic plan, all financial indicators simply exceeded the manufacturer's expected plan, and the project capital investment could not be effectively manipulated because the plan was disrupted. If the income of the scheme in the early stage shrinks and the investment in the later stage needs to be increased, the capital chain is usually simply cracked

door and window manufacturers should strengthen the construction of "reservoirs" and pay attention to the control of cash flow in case of need. When there is little difference in the sales revenue between the manufacturer and the competitor's Mall, the control of cost becomes the key for the manufacturer to obtain competitive advantage. Therefore, the control cost is the only way for door and window manufacturers to survive

the capital chain is the blood of a manufacturer. Generally speaking, the closure of a manufacturer is usually the result of many factors working together. In terms of importance, capital is undoubtedly the most important factor that determines the livelihood of door and window manufacturers. Therefore, if door and window manufacturers want to complete the stable and long-term development, they must strengthen the ability to deal with financial risks and control cash flow, and properly handle the capital chain





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