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With the progress of science and technology, all kinds of faucets are gradually emerging. Today, we will introduce the accessories of ordinary faucets and how to install faucets

faucet accessories

1, single control valve core. It mainly controls the water flow of the faucet, which is controlled by rotation. Generally, the maximum rotation is 90 degrees

2. Mounting parts. M8 single control horseshoe cushion, M6 double hole horseshoe cushion, M6 double hole enlarged pull horseshoe cushion

3. Filter element. As a special tool for purifying water, faucets are generally used. There are many kinds of filter elements with different materials. There are different kinds and materials for different purposes

4. Hose. It is mainly the hose for water inlet, and for the bathroom, it is mainly the hose for pulling

5. Rubber parts. Generally, it is O-ring, which mainly plays the role of sealing, including dynamic sealing and static sealing. There are also y-rings and rubber pads

install the faucet

1. Before installing the faucet, it is necessary to drain and flush, clean the sediment and impurities in the water pipe, remove the sundries in the installation hole, and check that the accessories in the packing box are not mixed with impurities, so as to avoid blocking or wearing the ceramic valve core

2. Connecting water pipes with metal hoses does not need to consider the installation position of water pipes, but it should be noted that the length of the hose is usually 30cm (imported size, individual brands or hard pipes). If connecting water pipes with metal hard pipes, how to save money in decoration? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. You should buy the faucet first, and then lay the water pipe according to the length of the hard pipe of the faucet. Of course, in terms of service life, the hard pipe is better than the hose. Similarly, when installing the sink faucet, if the water pipe is laid above the sink, it is best to install the wall sink faucet, otherwise, install the ordinary sink faucet

3. The requirements for relevant accessories of imported faucets are different from those of domestic faucets. Generally, the water supply pipe of the imported faucet is divided into soft and hard, and the hose (stainless steel braided pipe) is the most, and the movable nut end has 3/8 inch of British system. Only the imported triangle valve can be selected to match it. In addition, the nozzle of the drainage component is 11/4 inch

4. When connecting, the left side is hot water, the right side is cold water, and the distance between the two pipes is 100mm-200mm. After the water inlet joint is fixed, remove the faucet, and install the faucet after the wall plastering is completed, so as to prevent the coating on the surface of the faucet from being worn and scratched. If imported products such as flushing are used, the booster pump shall be installed in advance to ensure the normal outflow of water





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