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As we all know, the area of the bathroom is small and there are many things. In addition, the bad environment is relatively humid, so there are many places that need to be considered and paid attention to, so the decoration design can be said to be a test of skill. Today, Wuhan home decoration network will share some bathroom decoration results with you, let's have a look

the bath cabinet and mirror stage in the bathroom are made of pure black paint brush, classic and meticulous engraving, full of Wireless Magic and miracles

due to the use of wood, it has achieved all-round treatment in terms of waterproof. The glass door is conducive to dry and wet zoning. The toilet has also changed the traditional floor type. Choosing the hanging type has become fashionable and personalized, and the volume is small and beautiful

mainly white, gray collocation, plant embellishment, and a particularly strong sense of space. The washing table and beauty mirror echo each other, so the bathroom can be so clean

all bathrooms are made of dark cracked marble bricks, which have a three-dimensional and complete effect. Marble is like a high cold lady, and fashion, foreign style and nobility are its synonyms

add a simple attribute to the bathroom, making our life simple and fast. The gray color can relieve eye fatigue, and it is an timeless classic

the bathroom is uniform in color, and it can not only wash and wash, but also place a washing machine, which is convenient for operation and use

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