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The newly installed house is exposed to water leakage, power failure and tripping, paint cracking, and tiles turning yellow &hellip& hellip; Similar problems more or less perplex many decoration owners. Have you supervised the concealed works? Can you find out the root of these problems? ◆ typical case: electricity trips when it's used. Mr. Li's electricity in his new house tripped one after another just over a month after he moved in. At first, Mr. Li thought that his home was overloaded with electricity, but later he found that there were several times when no one was at home during the day and did not turn on high-power appliances, and the tripping phenomenon still existed. Mr. Li reluctantly said that recently, his household electricity depends on the mood of the switch. ◆ case identification: it should be that the electrician works too perfunctorily. Like Mr. Li, there is no problem outside, but the phenomenon of frequent problems when used is very common in the circuit. Circuit construction is a very hidden and key project in home decoration. Even electricians squint when laying, which may cause problems in circuit use. Almost all wires are threaded in PVC pipes and buried in the wall. After the wire is threaded into the PVC pipe, the owner can't see it at all, so it's impossible to talk about the acceptance. If the workers operate too perfunctorily, the wires will be twisted in the pipe, causing hidden dangers of electricity; If the workers deliberately cut corners, they will thread the wires with connectors or several wires into the same PVC pipe, which will cause the wires to fail to work normally, tripping and short circuit will occur, and once found, it is difficult to replace. No matter whether the owner purchases wires and other materials himself, it is best to supervise the workers' operation on site, and conduct power on inspection in time after installation. At the same time, the owner must ask the decoration company for the pipeline diagram. When the electrician just buries the wires into the wall, he will number these walls and draw the plan, and then draw the direction and specific position of the wires with a pen, indicating the position of the upper part from the floor, the lower part from the ground and the adjacent wall, especially the joint position of the pipeline, so that once there is a fault, the line position can be found immediately




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