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In China, in the face of fierce market competition, enterprises divide standards for their own interests, such as solid wood, solid wood composite, three super solid wood, imitation solid wood, whole wood... All kinds of statements and definitions are constantly evolving and flying. How do consumers choose all kinds of flooring products? What a "worry" word! Xiaobian will now combine the advantages and disadvantages of five mainstream flooring: solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring and cork flooring to make your consumption clear

in China, in the face of fierce market competition, enterprises divide standards for their own interests, including solid wood, solid wood composite, three super solid wood, imitation solid wood, and whole wood &hellip& hellip; Various statements and definitions are constantly evolving and flying around. How do consumers choose all kinds of flooring products? How “ Worry ” Great word! Xiaobian will now combine the advantages and disadvantages of five mainstream flooring: solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring and cork flooring to make your consumption clear

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advantages of solid wood floor:

durability: solid wood floor is processed from a whole piece of wood. Now the thickness of solid wood floor on the market is unified as 18mm, which ensures wear resistance. The solid wood flooring of many families is handed down from the previous generation and is very strong

environmental protection: because it is derived from natural wood and does not contain formaldehyde, it does no harm to human body, which is also the reason why many families value solid wood flooring. Natural wood itself does not contain formaldehyde, but the paint quality used by many small manufacturers to make paint boards is not up to standard, which will cause formaldehyde to exceed the standard, so the reputation of manufacturers is very important

good foot feeling: the paved solid wood floor has good elasticity, and people walk on it, whether it is temperature, touch, foot feeling, etc., are very soft and comfortable

warm in winter and cool in summer: because the thermal conductivity of wood is small, as a ground material, it has a good temperature regulation effect, especially in cold winter, people who move indoors will not freeze their feet

beautiful and natural: wood is natural, and its ring texture often gives people a feeling of returning to nature and returning to nature, which can't be achieved by artificial flooring anyway

natural fragrance: some precious wood gives off natural fragrance, which makes people seem to return to nature, and makes you relaxed and happy after fatigue

disadvantages of solid wood flooring:

difficult to maintain: solid wood flooring has high requirements for pavement. Once the pavement is not good, it will cause a series of problems, such as sound, etc. If the indoor environment is too wet or dry, the solid wood floor is easy to arch, warp or deform. After paving, you should often wax and oil, otherwise the gloss of the floor surface will soon disappear

high price: solid wood flooring has always maintained a high price, with the price of more than 200 yuan/square meter. Families with tight budgets have to weigh it

laminate flooring has the following advantages:

1 wear-resisting. Flame retardant moisture-proof. Antistatic non-slip. Withstand voltage Easy to clean

2. The texture is neat, the color is average, the strength is large, the elasticity is good, and the foot feels good

3. The deformation of wood caused by climate change is avoided Worm eaten Damp and frequent maintenance

4. Light weight, unified specification, convenient for construction and installation, small ground does not need to be glued, through the tenon gluing of the plate itself, it can be directly floating on the ground, saving man hours and costs; This material does not need painting and waxing. It is simple in daily maintenance and low in cost

5. It has a wide range of applications, and can be used on any ground except the bathroom

disadvantages of laminate flooring:

it is not suitable for places with high humidity. Its elasticity is not as good as solid wood flooring, and its decorative results are not as simple and elegant as solid wood flooring

advantages of solid wood composite floor:

1 It inherits the elegance and nature of solid wood flooring Comfortable feet Good heat preservation performance overcomes the shrinkage of solid wood floor due to monomer Easy to warp cracks, good dimensional stability, and insect proof No combustion supporting No warping and deformation From the perspective of protecting forest resources, it is a replacement product of solid wood flooring

2. The utility model has the advantages of convenient installation and maintenance of the laminate floor, and avoids the high formaldehyde emission of the laminate floor Stiff feet and other disadvantages The high-grade solid wood composite floor adopts high-grade matt paint, which has high wear resistance and soft luminosity. It is generally used in families without waxing and maintenance, and it does not need to be painted for several years Solid wood composite flooring uses adhesives with low formaldehyde emission, which has good environmental protection

3. Solid wood composite floor also has one of the biggest advantages is high processing accuracy, surface Core layer The process requirements of each layer of the bottom layer are higher than other wood floors, so the structure is stable and the installation results are good

disadvantages of solid wood composite floor:

the wear resistance is not as high as that of reinforced composite floor; The price is on the high side; Due to the high process requirements The structure is complex, the quality difference is large, and the internal quality is not easy to identify. The so-called solid wood composite floor is that the plates of each layer are solid wood, unlike the reinforced composite floor, which takes the medium density board as the base material

the solid wood composite floor has three layers, five layers and multiple layers. No matter how many layers there are, its fundamental feature is that the fibers of each layer are crisscross. This not only offsets the internal stress of wood, but also changes the unidirectional isotropic characteristics of wood, making the floor isotropic. Therefore, the stability is quite good, which is not easy to deform and crack, making up for the shortcomings of solid wood flooring in this regard

advantages of bamboo flooring:

the outstanding advantage of bamboo flooring is that it is warm in winter and cool in summer. Because of its low thermal conductivity, bamboo does not produce cool and heat itself. It is especially suitable for the floor and wall decoration of living room, bedroom, gym, study, studio, hotel, etc. Small color difference is a major feature of bamboo flooring. According to the color division, bamboo flooring can be divided into two kinds. One is that the natural color difference is smaller than that of wooden flooring, with rich bamboo patterns and symmetrical colors; Natural color can be divided into natural color and carbonized color. The surface is treated with varnish, and the most fundamental color of bamboo is bright and bright; The carbonized color is flat and elegant. In fact, it is made of bamboo after baking. Clear bamboo patterns can still be seen in the dignified and calm. Second, the artificial paint can be mixed into various colors, but the bamboo pattern is not obvious; The surface treatment of bamboo flooring mostly adopts varnish, gloss paint, matt paint and wear-resistant paint

disadvantages of bamboo flooring:

in terms of stability, the shrinkage and expansion of bamboo flooring are smaller than that of solid wood flooring. However, in terms of theoretical durability, the shortcomings of bamboo flooring are also obvious. First, it is prone to delamination under the influence of sunlight and humidity, while in southern areas, bamboo flooring is prone to beetles, which affects the service life of the floor

there are mainly two ways in the structural arrangement of bamboo flooring, namely, horizontal pressing and vertical pressing. Both of these two structures bend the bamboo in the direction “ Back to back ” The arrangement uses the flexibility of bamboo itself to balance the shrinkage and expansion rate in different environments

in theory, the service life of bamboo flooring can reach about 20 years. Correct use and maintenance is the key to prolong the service life of bamboo flooring. The most important thing for bamboo flooring in use is to maintain indoor dry humidity. Although bamboo flooring is dried, bamboo is a natural material, so it will change with the change of climate. In dry seasons, especially when the heating is open, consumers should adjust the humidity in different ways indoors. Humidifiers can be used or a basin of water can be placed on the heating. When it is wet in summer, open more windows for ventilation to keep the room dry. In addition, the bamboo floor should be protected from the sun and rain. If it meets water, it should be wiped dry in time, and the impact of hard objects, sharp tool scratches and metal friction should be avoided as far as possible. When keeping the bamboo floor clean in daily life, you can sweep it first and then wipe it with a wrung towel. If conditions permit, you should also apply floor wax once in two to three months

the structure of bamboo and wood flooring is generally divided into UV paint layer, decorative layer, base material layer and moisture-proof layer. The texture is solid and wear-resistant, the color is soft and beautiful, the bamboo grain is fresh and natural, and the bamboo fragrance is pleasant. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, resistant to insects, moulds, dryness and cracking, corrosion, wear and deformation. The UV paint on the surface is full and thick, smooth but not slippery, and the board body is fully enclosed and waterproof with paint. Adhesives and UV paints that meet international environmental protection requirements are non-toxic and harmless to human body. They are green products for home decoration. The price is between the composite floor and the solid wood floor. The results are very natural, the maintenance is relatively simple, the deformation rate is relatively small, and the cost performance is better. However, it is not suitable for areas with humid air, and it is easy to mildew in humid environment. The natural color of bamboo is beautiful, elastic, moisture-proof, non moldy, strong hardness, warm in winter and cool in summer. Using the curved surface of bamboo as the appearance, it has a unique charm

in addition, the northern region is equipped with geothermal energy. The choice of flooring should choose reinforced composite and solid wood composite

cork flooring has the following advantages:

1 wear-resisting. According to its name, many people think that cork flooring must be soft and not wear-resistant. In fact, the opposite is true. Because the cork in cork floor is not wood, it is a kind of composite material with special treatment, which has a special organizational structure. Compared with solid wood floor, it is more wear-resistant, and resistant to oil, acid, soap and other liquids, which is more spicy to use

2. moisture-proof. Cork flooring has the characteristics of air and water impermeability. It is not easy to warp and deform in case of moisture. Its moisture-proof performance is far better than other wood flooring, and its flame-retardant performance is also better

3. Flexible. Cork cells are hexagonal honeycomb structure, and the cells are filled with air. This structure and composition makes cork floor soft and flexible, and it is flexible, compressive and elastic in use. After the furniture and utensils are removed, the sunken place can be restored to its original state. This special material structure also has the functions of noise reduction, sound absorption and warmth preservation, and has a comfortable foot feel

4. environment protection Cork flooring is made from bark, and the tree will not be damaged. It is a renewable resource. At the same time, cork material itself is non-toxic and harmless, with good environmental protection

5. Moth proof. Cork floors will not be eaten by insects and ants

disadvantages of cork flooring:

the quality of surface veneer is difficult to control; Airtight, weak heat dissipation results. Due to the shortage of cork resources in China, most of the products sold in the market are imported products, and the price is higher than that of solid wood flooring; Although the material is very strong, compared with the wooden floor made of other materials, the psychological feeling of stepping on it is always not solid, which affects consumers' purchase





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